Hello there.

My name is Jessica, but call me Jessie. 

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Southern California. Let's meet!

People inspire me. Our beautiful differences and our passionate connections. I love knowing the real selves of others. What moves you, what makes you tick, your adorable and unique quirks.  Photography is a way of experiencing you… of capturing the freeing of your soul in a moment in time. I won’t just pose you and take pictures, I want to build a relationship with you as I capture your goodness. 

A little tid bit about me-- I married a really cool surfer dude who teaches math. I am a momma to a fireball baby boy and I take WAY too many pictures of him (duh).  I believe that dancing is good for the soul. Wine and popcorn are my jam. Gimme all the windblown hair plus crazy laughter and I’ll stick my camera in your face. I am a Jesus lover saved by His sweet sweet grace. And no need for small talk-- let’s get real. Because I love the real, raw stuff that people bring. So bring it.